Don’t Let the Sun Set on Economic Development in Montana

Friday, December 28, 2018

The Montana Legislature has an important decision before them – whether to continue investing in the economic development of our state or to let the sun set on key programs that have made regional growth possible.

Montana’s Economic Development Programs Bring Private Investment Into the State

These economic development programs require the state investing in growth. However, the state only contributes a small portion of the funds required for projects. The rest is paid for by private investment and sometimes federal grants and funding mechanisms. This has resulted in an incredible benefit to the state of Montana. In fact, on an annual basis the state has invested $3.365 million in these economic development programs. As a result, over $115 million has been invested in the state from other sources on an annual basis. This has been an incredibly powerful tool for leveraging state resources for the betterment of our economy and residents.

MEDA Members are at the Forefront of Economic Development and Forward Progress

MEDA’s member organizations are front and center, leading the charge on economic development programs and initiatives. As such, our members have an incredible story to tell about the hyperlocal and regional projects that have taken place due to state economic development programs and additional funds that were able to be secured through these programs and initiatives. For examples of the economic impact these initiatives have made, click here.

Join Us at the Capital to Support Ongoing Economic Development in Montana

MEDA is hosting a display event and lunch on January 23rd, in the Rotunda, at the Montana State Capitol for legislators.  Information and success stories will be shared to encourage continued support of Montana’s economic development.

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