BEAR logoWhile the Montana BEAR Program is no longer active a s a statewide project, Economic Development Organizations around the state conduct business, expansion, and retention efforts.

To encourage data collection and relationship building for Business Expansion and Retention across Montana.

Montana BEAR Survey Form  (Was used to input data)

Hard copy of survey for taking notes.

Mike and Gloria O’Rourke, MEDA, Chair
Lori Gilliland, MDOC/SBDC
Chris Parson, Kalispell
Angela McDonald, Missoula Job Service
Lynn Lagerquist, Lake County Job Service
Brian Obert, MBAC
Debbie Berg, Bozeman Job Service
Deb Chouinard, Helena Job Service
Mora McCarthy, Flathead Job Service.
Wilhelm, Christine, MDLI/IWT
Chany Okert, Kalispell
Kathy McLane, Badlands BEAR
Amy Deines, Dawson County
Rick Edwards, NorthWestern Energy
Katie Weaver, Park County
Marissa Hauge, Stillwater County

The Montana Bear Working Group is a partnership with the Montana Department of Commerce and is associated with MEDA.

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Montana Ranked #11

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