Code of Conduct and Ethics


Adopted May 9, 2013; Amended August 25, 2021

  1. MEDA members are committed to conducting their professional activities in accordance with the highest standards of integrity.
  2. Each MEDA Member is expected to act in the best interest of the organization in furthering Montana’s economic development activities.
  3. MEDA Members are committed to expanding and improving our base of knowledge in economic development, cooperate in exchanging information and ideas reflecting related best practices, procedures, trends, and policies in support of the mission, programs, and bylaws of MEDA so as to further proficiency in this field.
  4. Accept individual responsibility to advance MEDA and the economic development profession by improving our skills and supporting efforts to improve the skills of others involved in economic development.
  5. Exercise professional courtesies being proactive in our communications with our colleagues, managing disagreements in a respectful way and being open to seek mutually positive resolution.


Adopted May 9, 2013; Reviewed August 25, 2021

Membership in MEDA carries with it an obligation to abide by generally accepted standards of professional conduct consistent with the State of Montana’s “Code of Ethics” (MCA 2.2) as applied to economic development activities in Montana and with the following ethical practices of MEDA.

Most deviations from this could occur in conflict of interest situations.  An actual conflict of interest, or a potential conflict of interest, may occur when there is a divergence between a MEDA member’s private interests and the Member’s professional obligations, such that an independent observer might reasonably question whether the MEDA member’s professional actions or decisions are determined by considerations of personal gain – financial, professional, or otherwise.

In general, perceptions of non-ethical activities can be mitigated or eliminated by full advance and public disclosure of professional activities and/or abstinence from participating in votes, certain decision making, and other activities in which there may be any question of an ethical violation.

In addition MEDA Members shall abide by the basic tenants of our Code of Ethics:

  1. Accept individual responsibility to cooperate with members of the economic development community in the state, improving the capacity to deliver business technical assistance throughout the state, complimenting other organizations work, and in turn doing no harm to other organizations operating within their service region
  2. Professional economic developers shall not acquire an interest in any client’s business or undertaking that any reasonable person would consider a direct conflict of interest with that person’s position.
  3. Respect the ownership and confidentiality of information received during the course of our duties, realizing that proprietary information may be disclosed only with the express permission of the owner of the information, and should never be used for personal gain. 
  4. Professional economic developers shall cooperate with peers to the betterment of economic development technique, ability, and practice, and to strive to perfect themselves in their professional abilities through training and educational opportunities.
  5. Professional economic developers shall practice with integrity, honesty, and adherence to the trust placed in them both in fact and in appearance.
  6. Professional economic developers shall maintain in confidence the affairs of any client, colleague or organization and shall not disclose confidential information obtained in the course of professional activities.
  7. Professional economic developers will hold themselves free of any interest, influence, or relationship in respect to any professional activity when dealing with clients which could impair professional judgment or objectivity or which in the reasonable view of the observer, has that effect.
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