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Previous events:  
MT ARPA Water and Sewer Training Video

Q & A with EDA Recording   Slide deck

New! MEDA Office Hours - October 26th

Email for the registration invite.

Please join us for the opportunity to discuss MEDA, ask questions of long standing MEDA members and learn from other professionals in our field. The format will be an open discussion and focused on learning and sharing the ways our organizations work together to move the economy of Montana forward.

September 28th Recording - Broadband  MEDA Office Hours
July 27th Noon Recording


Oct 6:  MEDA Legislative Call 7am
Oct 7:  MEDA Executive Committee 8am
Oct 8:  John Ruffatto Business Competition
Oct 8:
  Midnight is the deadline for Impact Awards!

Oct 8:  CRDC Call, Noon

Oct 8:  MEDA awards deadline!

Oct 13:  MEDA Legislative Call 7am

Oct 13:  MEDA Workforce Committee, 1pm

Oct 14:  MEDA Remote Worker Group, 9am

Oct 15:  MEDA Board Meeting

Oct 20:  MEDA Legislative Call 7am

Oct 20: 
Early Stage MT Virtual Showcase

Oct 20:  Deadline to submit your 15-30 sec video

Oct 21: 
Ec Dev Coordination Committee 3pm

Oct 22:  Peer Learning Network 9:30am

Oct 22:  CRDC Call, Noon

Oct 26:  MEDA Office Hours, Noon

Oct 27:  MEDA Legislative Call 7am

Oct 31:  Deadline to get your Red Tape comments in



Nov 2:  MEDA Board Meeting
Nov 3:  MEDA Legislative Call 7am

Nov 3: 
Meat Market and Processing Workshop

Nov 4:  MEDA Executive Committee 8am

Nov 5:  CRDC Call, Noon

Nov 10:  MEDA Legislative Call 7am

Nov 10:  MEDA Workforce Committee, 1pm

Nov 11:  MEDA Remote Worker Group, 9am

Nov 15-17:  MEDA Fall Conference

                    Tour and Social Nov 15
                    Professional Development Nov 16
                    Awards Luncheon Nov 16

                    Great Presentations Nov 16 - 17

           Nov 19:  CRDC Call, Noon
Nov 23:  MEDA Office Hour
Nov 24:  MEDA Legislative Call 7am

MEDA Summer Conference Summary

NextGen Report Update Report Supplement

Thanks to our Membership Sponsors for their year round support:

Gold: Northwestern Energy

Silver: Montana Youth Apprentice Program Newfields

Bronze: KLJ MDT/DBE Cushing Terrell MCDC Mission West

Recent Events:

MEDA Annual Membership Meeting May 2021 Recording

MEDA's Perfect Pitch Recording

Thanks to our fearless presenters:

  • Russ Fletcher -
  • Tara Mastel​ - MSU Extension; Community Development
  • Chris Manos​ - MBAC​
  • Brenda G. Schilling​ - ​Glacier County Regional Port Authority
  • Gloria O'Rourke​ - MEDA​
  • Corey Hageman​ - Sweetgrass Development​
  • Kristine Komar​ - Visit Bitterroot Valley
  • Hazer ​Novich - Hazer Live! ​
  • Marie Hirsch​ - Arlee​ Community Development Corp.

MEDA Storytelling and Happy Hour 11/6/2020

MEDA Virtual 2020 Fall Conference and Candidate Forum

Conference Summary with Recording Links

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