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MEDA legislative Committee Members: 

The MEDA Legislative Committee consists of all Board Members including Ex-Officio Members, MEDA Members who qualify as “active” and request to serve on the Committee, balanced political party representation, agency representatives and Legislators serve as Ex Officio to the Committee to serve as informational resources to the Committee.


Committee Meeting Notes

January 26, 2022
January 19, 2022
January 12, 2022
January 5, 2022


RLF Success Stories
MEDA Letter June 21 Regarding ARPA Funds
MEDA Letter regarding ARPA Funds

Press Release 01.20.2021  MEDA Legislative Priorities

Legislative Proposal Form - fill out if you would like MEDA to consider an issue.

During each Session:
You are welcome to join the MEDA Legislative Committee Conference Call every Wednesday morning at 7:00am throughout the Legislative session. 


2021 Materials

Montana Infrastructure Report

MEDA Policy Statement

MEDA State Policy Priorities

MEDA Broadband Committee Priorities

MDOC Subcommittee Budget Presentation

HB52 Report Updated (Idea to International Export piece)
HB52 Report - Report to Legislators on key economic develpoment programs 2019


2019 Materials      2019 Legislative Standing Committees   *   2019 Session Home Page


2017 Materials

Broadband Map for Montana

HB6 MT DNRC Resource Grants Funding List for 2019 Biennium

MEDA Rotunda Day Slideshow - showcasing Impact of Partners in Progress

Updated IMPACT Brochure of Key Economic Programs

IMPACT Brochure of Key Economic Development Programs

IMPACT Booklet of Key Ec Dev Programs with Success Stories

Tribal Nations Handbook - for MT Legislators


Legislative Fiscal Division Brochures

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