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Jason Smith
State Tribal Economic Development Council
State Tribal Economic Development Council
P.O. Box 200505
Helena, MT 59620
Category: MEDA Members, People, Tribal Economic Development
Resource/Expertise: Tribal Economic Development, Planning, Budgeting

Who We Are:

The State Tribal Economic Development Commission (STEDC) was established in the Native American Economic Development Act of 1999. This commission is tasked with assisting, promoting, developing, and providing initiative recommendations for accelerating economic development on these Reservations in the areas of business expansion, manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, and community development.  (Montana Code Annotated 90-1-131 through 90-1-135).


Work in a government-to-government relationship with tribal governments in Montana to expand and improve economic development opportunities for each of the eight tribal nations.

Funding Opportunities:

The State of Montana supports businesses and communities enhance their economic development ideas through a diverse set of grants, loans, equity funds and technical assistance. Please review the Funding Opportunitiesdocument to learn how Montana and the State Tribal Economic Development Commission can support your business. For further questions, please contact Casey Winn Lozar at 406.841.2821 or via email.

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