Member Benefits

Membership in the Montana Economic Developers Association (MEDA) provides tangible benefits that positively impacts the daily lives of economic developers and the organizations they serve. Our members are our greatest asset. We are stronger as a community, share knowledge with each other, and combine our voices to lobby for economic development resources and funding. We are MEDA.



MEDA Membership Benefits

networkingRelationship Building and Networking

MEDA members hail from all areas of the state and include economic development organizations, nonprofits and community leaders. The diversity of our experiences, educational training and depth of knowledge enables MEDA members to share knowledge and learn from each other. As such, our regular networking events and relationship building opportunities are our members favorite benefit. MEDA offers -

  • In-person networking events
  • Active online community (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)

exposure iconExposure

MEDA promotes our members, sharing information, news and success stories with over 200 members across Montana. Members and partners can gain exposure for their projects and initiatives through the MT - Partners – Listserv, a listing on the MEDA website and social media promotion.

Information iconInformation

Stay up-to-date with the latest economic development news and trends by reading MEDA updates and announcements. Members also stay current on funding opportunities through a subscription to GrantStation Insider, a weekly notification of funding opportunities, delivered via MEDA’s listserv.

Training and Continuing Education iconTraining and Continuing Education

MEDA hosts at least four professional development trainings per year. MEDA’s Professional Development Committee strives to meet the training needs of the membership and raises the bar for excellence across the membership. Members also benefit from attending the Spring and Fall Conferences, which focus on networking, information exchange and training to upgrade skills for economic development practitioners. MEDA Members save $100 on conference registration.


support iconDirect Support

MEDA member organizations range in size and capabilities, which is why we provide direct support to organizations who need assistance with conducting with surveys, meeting coordination, research, email queries, meeting minutes, conference call coordination, etc. We also provide direct support and technical assistance for Certified Regional Development Corporations, Economic Development Districts, Resource Team Assessments (now known as Community Reviews), MEDA Working Groups, etc.

legislative iconLegislative

MEDA members have a voice in shaping the state’s legislative agenda. Due to MEDA Membership support, outstanding results have been achieved in the past working through the legislative process to support key economic development programs and other initiatives. MEDA offers a united message with a strong voice and mutual support. MEDA also keeps its members informed on key federal initiatives.

membership iconAdditional Memberships

MEDA members receive a complimentary membership to the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) – a group who promotes regional strategies, partnerships and solutions to strengthen the economic competitiveness and quality of life across America’s local communities. MEDA members are also given a membership to the Montana Nonprofit Association (MNA), where members gain access to a wide range of benefits including advocacy efforts, enhanced insurance and discount products, educational trainings, research reports, networking opportunities, and more.


    Developers and Business Owners are Invited to Join MEDA

    Though many of our members are economic development and non-profit organizations, developers and business owners can also benefit from a MEDA membership. Membership in MEDA provides exposure, networking opportunities and the opportunity to be in-the-know about upcoming legislative changes, funding opportunities and community initiatives that could have an impact on the business climate and development of Montana.

    We Welcome Community Support

    Community members passionate about economic development, education, parks and recreation and other community-led initiatives will find a welcome home in MEDA. Individual members have the same access and educational opportunities that our member organizations do, providing opportunities to share ideas, collaborate and network with leaders from throughout the state.



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