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Becky Bey
Government Relations Specialist
2611 Gabel Rd.
Billings, MT 59102
Phone 2: 406-670-2312
Fax: 855-288-8055
Category: Consulting and engineering
Resource/Expertise: Legislative advocacy and policy, community facilitation, fundraising and related loan and grant application writing/submission, public speaking

Becky Bey is a Government Relations Specialist for KLJ. KLJ provides multi-disciplinary engineering and planning services, delivering innovative and practical solutions for local, regional and national infrastructure projects. Government Relations is a division of KLJ Customer Service that aids in developing stakeholder support, funding research, grant and loan writing and review, legislative monitoring and tracking, community networking, Tribal infrastructure and economic development strategy, and general marketing. Prior to working for KLJ, Becky worked for 29 years in non-profit and government human services agencies doing development, community communications, grant writing and operating supervision.

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