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Ben Damman
Chief Executive Officer
Aliens From The Future Inc.
Heart of Missoula
Missoula, Missoula County, MT 59802
Category: Technology, Cooperatives, Government, SaaS, Software, Internet of Things, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Civic Tech, Public Interest Technology, Broadband, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence
Resource/Expertise: entrepreneurship, software engineering, futurist, organizational design, digital transformation, modernization, bureaucracy hacking, visual design, startup formation, CTO, rural economic development, API, AWS, robotic process automation, service design
Aliens From The Future Inc.

Ben is originally from Northern Wisconsin, where he took the 4-H pledge and founded his first technology company before entering high school. In Duluth, Minnesota, he teamed up with the mayor and other community leaders, running a formidable campaign to attract Google Fiber internet service. While living in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, he designed and developed Ruby on Rails applications for startups and large companies. At Symantec, he eliminated six-hour-long schema design meetings and harmonized data structures by inventing a novel, API-driven approach to exchanging data between discordant teams. Ben moved to Cupertino, California after being recruited by Apple where he worked on internal tools for Maps, iTunes, iCloud, and Radar. He relocated to Lake Tahoe after leaving Apple but was quickly hired by the United States Digital Service. During his USDS tour of duty in our nation’s capital, Ben was detailed to 18F and VA for his work on and He also developed an affinity for Shake Shack and drank the necessary amount. Returning to Northern California, Ben was called upon to implement the Department of Motor Vehicles’ Motor Voter System, spending some nights sleeping in DMV conference rooms in order to see the project through. Subsequently, he was transferred to a State of California Medicaid (Medi-Cal) division as an executive in charge of its $700M modernization effort. He introduced both DMV and the Department of Health Care Services to modern development environments that fully leveraged Amazon Web Services, using Docker containers to deliver high quality digital services. Ben has worked with the Data and Systems Group (DSG) within the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS), ultimately becoming Program Director of the MACBIS System Integration contract and advising CMS on strategic artificial intelligence initiatives. He has no college degree. No impressive certifications. Instead, he has spent his life cultivating the knowledge and power necessary to deliver uncommon results. Ben resides in Missoula.

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