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Whether you're in real estate, manufacturing, IT, agriculture, investment, or something else entirely, we want you in Montana.

We want to get you the information you need and get you in touch with the right people to make your move to Montana change your business forever.

What does your map to the Treasure State look like?


"Montana’s total GDP was $59.3 billion in 2021 in current dollars."

BEA MT Industry.png


18.7%: Finance, insurance, real estate, rental, and leasing (6.2% real growth).

14.2%: Government and government enterprises (4.6& real growth).

10.0%: Educational services, healthcare, and social assistance

8.2%: Professional and business services

41.6%: All other industries.

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, “Economic Profile for Montana,” https::// (accessed 13 June 2022).



Our members have been heavily involved with grantwriting, grant administration, program administration, and so much more in the process of helping funds from the American Rescue Plan Act get where they need to go to make a difference in Montana communities as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and build for the future.



The U.S. Economic Development Administration is an integral part of our members' activities. Our state is in Region 8, headquartered in Denver, and we collaborate regularly to provide services and meet needs.

mt dept of commerce.png


The MT Department of Commerce is a critical component to economic development in the state, administering grant programs, financing opportunities, industry analysis, business attraction, and much more!



All workforce conversations lead to the Department of Labor and Industry, from resource mapping to partnership development and beyond.

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Many of our members work closely with the SBA, employing the Small Business Development Center program to pair entrepreneurs with experts who can walk them through the process of becoming a full-fledged business owner and diversifying the commercial portfolio of their communities.



These non-profit teams are essential to moving projects forward and connecting people with resources. Several of our organizations are identified by the state of Montana as Certified Regional Development Corporations!

Montana CRDC EDO Map_Page_1.png
US government building


The MT Department of Commerce is a critical component of economic development in the state. 

From zoning, to planning, to public engagement, and beyond, we work closely with our local governments and the collective associations that help amplify their resources, including the Montana League of Cities and Towns (MLCT) and the Montana Association of Counties (MACo).

Wheat Field


"In 2019, Hi Country welcomed new management. Owner Travis Byerly and COO Steve Fehrs saw potential for significant market growth, but also shared a commitment to keeping the business in Lincoln. The primary challenge facing them was attracting and retaining a limited workforce. The initiative to become the employer of choice within 65 miles was born..."

Montana Manufacturing Extension

"For the past several years, Boulder has not had a licensed child care facility serving the residents of the
town, and a concerned group of citizens came together in early 2021, as an offshoot of the town’s BTAC
(Boulder Transition Advisory Committee), to form the Boulder Child Care Working Group (BCCWG).
They worked to explore many different ways in which they might be able to get a licensed child care
center started, including looking at existing land next to the elementary school; considering space at the
Methodist church, and considering an unused school building that was sitting on blocks in North Helena..."

Headwaters RC&D

"Dr. Hailey Axberg is a young Chiropractor and founder of Glacier Family Chiropractic & Wellness in Columbia Falls, MT. She graduated in October of 2021 and opened her family clinic the following February. Dr. Hailey and her fiance initially planned to work as associate doctors after their graduation. When those plans fell through, they decided to explore options of opening a practice in their ideal location..."

Kalispell SBDC

"In 2020, the lack of butcher shops and meat processors in eastern Montana became apparent. Even before the pandemic, there was a demand for more USDA-certified meat processors in the state. Ry and Cassie understood the frustration of fellow ranchers and their inability to butcher their livestock locally. They sympathized with consumers worried about the beef supply in grocery stores. Most importantly, they understood the importance of being progressive and adaptable in the agriculture industry..."

Miles City Regional SBDC

"Prospera raised $13,000 for the Next Gen Study. We supported that effort at the spring/summer MEDA meeting in 2019, as MEDA was debating ways to being more relevant and impactful. There was some level of skepticism that “MEDA” could raise the money and do the study (or should even do a study). I was one of the core group of folks who served on the committee to draft an RFP for hiring and find ways to raise funding. We rallied to get the RFP drafted and approved by the Board. WE raised more than the goal needed for the study, and in the process got more attention and commitments to MEDA than have happened in the past. More private support came forward for MEDA and the study, because we took bold action on something many of us cared about. In the process, it lead to MEDA adopting a more action oriented approach to its work, and hiring an ED role (which the study mentions for capacity building) so that we could grow and expand our impact to advance our work in Montana."

Prospera Business Network

"After almost 25 years of being an employee at Carquest, Mike Farris went from spinning wrenches in the shop and helping customers at the front desk to purchasing the business with his wife, Steph. Farris Farm and Auto is a family- owned business passionate about delivering excellence in everything they do.
The couple was exploring the possibility of purchasing the business when Steph attended her first Quickbooks training..."

Wolf Point SBDC

"Tom Jones has worked in the heating and air conditioning industry for more than 13 years. Demand for HVAC services in the local market continued to increase, and Tom saw an opportunity. In 2021, Tom and his wife Emily decided to explore options to open their own business..."

Havre SBDC

"Heidi, a teacher with a long line of Blackfeet-Irish entrepreneurs in her family, spent most of her childhood helping her grandmother with the family business. Cesar was raised in a traditional Mexican family, and he loves cooking authentic Mexican food, especially street tacos.
After serving as a Marine, traveling the country, and serving his community as a police officer, Cesar and his wife Heidi saw an opportunity to serve their community in another way..."

Great Falls SBDC

"The Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) is a federal program, run out of Billings BSED. Bozeman lost its PTAC support staff in 2018, because MSU dropped the program. For years, the PTAC staff situation has been an unsolvable problem. Using our MEDA connections and on-going support from the Billings office, we rallied regionally with Butte and Helena – to create a regional PTAC office in Butte, that will serve businesses in Gallatin, Lewis Clark, Jefferson and Butte/Silver Bow. We are chipping in funds as is Helena (MBAC) to help fund the center in Butte. It’s a MEDA success story because we are working together, pooling funds to solve a problem that we could not fix alone. Now, we have a functioning PTAC in Butte serving multiple counties across southwest MT."

Prospera Business Network

"After working decades in the field of domestic and sexual violence, Angela Bridegam returned to school at the University of Montana to pursue her Master's in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management. While in graduate school, Angela created a business plan for Girls Run Missoula to give young girls the skills and confidence to avoid adverse experiences throughout their lives. The business plan focused on teen dating violence, suicide, substance abuse, eating disorders, and mental health challenges to name a few.
The Missoula community was experiencing its first full swing of the COVID pandemic when Angela graduated. With high anxiety, fear of the unknown, and the stress of both teaching and mothering her children, Angela looked to her Girls Run Missoula (GRM} business plan as a response to growing challenges around safe childcare and made an appointment with the Missoula SBDC..."

Missoula SBDC

"Rachel Bray watched her Mom run an in-home child care facility while she was growing up and went on to work in child care facilities in college. After college, Rachel took a job that included a great deal of travel, and she was missing out on the school activities with her kids. She also saw the need for quality childcare facilities in East Helena..."

Helena SBDC

"Gallatin Valley Furniture/Carpet One has been a staple in Bozeman, Montana since 1946. Stuart Beiswanger was employed there for nine years, from 1991 to 2000. After working in Gallatin Valley Carpet One for many years and knowing the previous owners were looking at their exit strategy, Stuart saw an opportunity. His vision included improvements in operations, sales, the customer experience, and the overall employee experience. Stuart Beiswanger returned to Carpet One in 2014 and began planning the purchase of the business in 2015. In 2021, Stuart turned to the Bozeman SBDC's Regional Director Jeff Turczyn at Prospera Business Network for assistance..."

Bozeman SBDC


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