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The Montana Economic Developers Association (MEDA), in partnership with the Montana Chamber Foundation, contracted with TIP Strategies (TIP), an economic strategy firm with offices in Austin, TX, and Seattle, WA, to complete an analysis of Montana’s economic and community development tools, programs, and funding mechanisms.  Support for the project came from over 75 partners across the state.  TIP provided specific recommendations to improve the state’s competitiveness.  Although the recommendations are designed for near-term implementation, the impacts will be focused on maintaining and improving the long-term competitiveness of the state.

Cadence Report

NextGen Update           Supplement

Final Report                                 MATRIX

TIP Presentation

RFP for Faciliator 


“An effort like this has not been conducted on this grassroots level for nearly 20 years. In the face of such great change and future economic opportunities and challenges, Montana needs to do its homework and consider anew what tools and strategies are needed to maximize our economic future and support strategic development of our communities.” Steve Arveschoug, Past MEDA President

“Let’s get this work done, and then let’s have the conversation about strengthening all the communities throughout our great state. Strong communities and local businesses will be the key driver of our future economy.” Todd O’Hair, Montana Chamber,  Executive Director


Press Release on Project Launch

One Page Project Description

TIP Strategies 4th Visit to MT:  Southwest Montana
TIP Strategies 3rd Visit to MT:  North Central Schedule
TIP Strategies 2nd Visit to MT:  Eastern Montana January Schedule
TIP Strategies 1st Visit to MT:  December 2019 Presentation

Fundraising Phase:

Letter to MEDA Members            Letter to Partners    

TIP Strategies Proposal


RFP Phase:

Download Montana's Next Generation Economic and Community Development Tools RFP


Questions Submitted and Answered  September 9, 2019


An analysis to redefine the Essential Economic and Community Development Tools and Strategies to Drive Montana’s Economic Future

MEDA and its partners seek to retain a qualified entity(s) to perform original work in the analysis and development of a plan that would articulate and support a proposed Next Generation of Economic and Community Development Tools. The planshould outline the current set of tools available for Montana’s economic and community development, evaluate the emerging economic and community development opportunities and challenges facing Montana communities, assess our competition to understand the best practices that areinfluencing economic and community development outcomes among our regional and aspirational peer states/communities. With that analysis in hand, the plan should offer guidance and recommendations for the Next Generation of Economic and Community Development Tools (proposed programs, policies, or resource commitments at the state and local levels) that would effectively encourage Montana’s economic growth, with analysis of how such tools might be developed, funded, and deployed and what the potential outcomes may be for Montana.

This RFP invitation is seeking proposals from qualified entity(s) to meet the Scope of Work, including the stated objectives and deliverables. MEDA and its partners will support this effort by helping to engage key stakeholders from throughout the state in the analysis and appropriate input/dialogue processes. It is our hope that this work will be forward-thinking, better match the current and emerging challenges and opportunities facing Montana, and provide a fresh perspective on the necessary tools for the thoughtful economic and community development for the communities we all serve and thereby all of Montana.

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