Economic Developers Share Testimonials on Rotunda Day

Monday, February 11, 2019

Economic development professionals and business leaders joined the Montana Economic Development Association at the 2019 Rotunda Day to advocate for the continuation of key programs and grants that are stimulating Montana’s economy. They met with legislators, made their voice heard and demonstrated why Montana must continue to invest in economic growth.

MEDA Testimonials: Support the 2019 Economic Development Programs

Several participants recorded testimonials about how Montana’s economic development programs have impacted communities and businesses throughout the state. The quotes below highlight what they had to say -

These programs help us to create communities people want to live in and build a business in, and they work to expand the Main Street Economy all over Montana.

Brett Doney said, “We need those different programs because there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You start by providing technical assistance and then move into what their infrastructure, workforce and financing needs are to make a project happen.”

Joe Willauer, Headwaters RC&D, said, “Big Sky Trust Funds programs help to leverage jobs where a business can grow even more. For every job a business creates they are able to grow even more because of the grant funds they received…growth begets growth and those dollars are spread throughout the community.”

Rory Hibbler, TOMIS LLC, said, “We were able to hire quickly and scale quickly… we could not have done that without the BTSF grant.”

Jen Kreiner, Sanders County Development Corporation, said that The CDBG Public Facilities Program provided funding for a medical project that was critical for the community.

Watch the video in full to hear more testimonials from throughout the state.

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the creation of MEDA Testimonials

This video was made possible by MCDC with much thanks to Jan and Guy. Thank you to Adam Vauthier for editing and finish the video and to the MEDA members and leaders who are passionate about their work.


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