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Are you getting involved with remote work in 2023?

Let MSU Extension help out! Our partners at Montana State Extension have been passing around reminders at the start of the year that they have fantastic resources for prospective remote workers, as well as other community development tools. We highly recommend passing these along to your partner agencies to let them know what's out there!

"Montana State University Extension is an affiliate of the Certified Remote Work Professional (CRWP) course with Utah State University Extension's Remote Online Initiative (ROI). The CRWP course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to find and secure remote work opportunities.

MSU Extension Community Development embraces the program mission of preparing rural communities for the future, by offering relevant educational experiences, connecting people to modern employment opportunities, and developing innovative solutions for community needs.

To that end, MSU Extension Community Development has a small group of people, each who serves as a Program Coordinator (PC). A PC is also known as a personal coach or teaching assistant (TA). So, what does a PC do? The main job of the PC is to help Montana participants navigate the Remote Work course.

During the four-week session, students have workshops, assignments and quizzes that cover a variety of topics related to the intricacies of remote work. The PC supports the students to better understand these concepts, and guides them through the weekly modules, but still allows them to be independent, as remote work requires. PC’s also grade their assignments and provide constructive feedback on their work."

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