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Introducing online membership (and how to use it!)

We hit a milestone with our new website last month!

If you've been around since last summer, you know that our original timeline was to debut the "Phase I" features that summer and to debut the "Phase II" features later in the year. We did not meet our original timeline, but we are happy to confirm that our online membership payment portal is fully operational.

If you haven't used the payment portal yet, you can access it anytime at the top of any webpage under Plans & Pricing! You can also read our full breakdown of membership benefits attached to each tier.

MEDA Membership Opportunities 2023
Download PDF • 266KB

Our initial launch last month was rocky and we have adjusted our process after fielding several questions. Please comment below if you have any followup questions! This is the first time we've taken our payment process online and we want it to run right for our members. We will edit this post to add followup questions as we receive them.

Q: How do I create a username/password?

A: Click on this link or click on the icon on the top right of the page, right above the social media icons.

Q: I got a login request when I clicked on Plans & Pricing. What should I do?

A: Return to the Plans & Pricing page. We have removed the members-only access for that page. This is the first major change we have made. Our original procedure had been to have members create a login first and then grant access to the Plans and Pricing page second.

Q: I created a username and password and the website told me that my request had to be approved. When will it be approved?

A: It already has! We have approved all member requests logged and will continue to approve them as they come through. If you have created a username/password and you have not received a confirmation email (or you cannot login with your username/password), please email

Q: I am paying for an EDO and I only see a payment option for $1,000. Where is the option for a percentage of our operating budget?

A: It is not there because we cannot offer it through Wix. We confirmed with their support team that their Plans & Pricing does not have the "name-your-price" functionality that would be needed to allow for this option at this time. To pay using your calculated operating budget percentage, please email to proceed. Feel free to create your username/password and we will approve you!

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