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Welcome To The New Website!

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Please join us in welcoming the interim website for the Montana Economic Developers' Association! To mark the occasion, we've included a celebratory photo of Taps, the official mascot of Smelter City Brewery in Anaconda, where we held our spring 2022 conference and witnessed economic development in motion, from historic renovation to thriving businesses old and new.

It's been a long road since we first commissioned our NextGen report and this website is our latest milestone. After reviewing our traditional website and hearing widespread feedback, we decided to start from scratch, using Wix to design a new "placeholder" website that will suit our current needs while we plan for the future.

What you see on your screen is "Phase I" of this placeholder. It contains basic information including a contact form, organizational history, the NextGen reports, current working groups, "save-the-date" event entries, and a basic membership directory (unfortunately, we cannot offer mapping or searchability at this time).

"Phase II" will include comprehensive event registration and payment capabilities, a login and payment platform for MEDA members, policy/advocacy resources, members-only archive, searchable membership database, and much more! We expect these features to debut within the next six months.

Our goal is to maintain a simple and practical online resource that pleases the eye and which establishes a foundation on which a future (and more high-powered) website can be built by a professional firm in order to support the growth of our organization and amplify its advocacy for Montana communities and the Montana economy.

For Phase I, we worked with Sean McGuire, a MEDA member with Sweetgrass Development, on design and copywriting. We consulted with the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors along with several key state agencies to identify critical information and features to include in Phases I & II.

Now that Phase I is online, we would like to collaborate with you. This project is breaking new ground for MEDA and we hope you will share your thoughts. Please comment below to tell us what you think of the new and what you would like to see in Phase II.

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