Remote Work

CHAIR: Anne Boothe

Meeting Date:  March 10, 2022 
Typically meets on the second Thursday of each month.



***Press release announcing Montana Remote Work Certificate program

Notes from February 10th call
Notes from December 9th call
Notes from October 28th call
Notes from September 9th call          Recording from Call
Notes from July 8th Call
Notes from June 10th Call
Notes from May 13th Call
Notes from April 8th Call
Recording and notes from March 18, 2021 Call


Montana Taxes for Remote Workers


Remote Work and Covid-19

MDLI Remote Worker Toolkit 

MT Remote Worker   White Paper

Tulsa OK Remote Video


 Grow Remote website

  ROI Brochure 

  ROI Rubric

  ROI Legis 01 - 03 2019


     MATR Remote Work News 

     MT Broadband Resources

     Young, Educated, Moving 

      Promoting MT Broadband


Annmarie Robinson, MT Dept. of Commerce
Amelea Kim, State Library
Barbara Stiffarm, Opportunity Link
Betty Jo Wood, Work Wherever Consulting
Brad Comer, Remote Worker
Brenda Schilling, Glacier County Regional Port Authority
Brenna Fulks, Mission West CDP
Brent Donnelly, SBA
Brian Obert, MBAC
Bum Stiffarm, Island Mtn Development
Carol Lamey, MT DLI Havre
Chancey Parker, Rocky Boy Veterans
Chris Manos, MBAC
Christie Williams, Dakota Business Lending
Christin Hileman, Newfields (remote worker)
Christina Henderson, MT High Tech Alliance
Dara Deines,EPEDC
Diane Smith, DSmith & Associates
Erin Fisk, Wheatland County Chamber of Commerce

Erin Weisgerber, MDLI
Geoff Feiss, MTA
Gloria O'Rourke, MEDA
Harold Heppner,  ANC
Jasmine Carbajal, MSU Extension, Hill Co
Jayne Morrow, MSU Bozeman - VP Economic Development & Research
Jenny Harms, AMRII
Joel Schumacher, MSU
Julianne Snedigar, MSU Extension, Blaine Co
Julie Emmons, SEMDC
Karl Unterschuetz, AMRII
Kerry Racine, Opportunity Link
Lance Robbins, Consultant
Laurel Farrer, ROI
Leonard Malin, LCCDC
Lisa Haas, CAPA Board, Choteau, MT
Liz Ching, MT Dept. of Labor & Industry
Liz Marchi, MT Chamber Foundation
Liz Moore, MT Nonprofit Association

Mandie Reed, MSU Extension, Wheatland County
Mark Davis, Juggling Wolves
Martina Pansze, MT High Tech Al.
Mary Craigle, MT Dept. of Commerce
Melissa Higbee, Eastern Plains
Natalie Flores
Pam Smith Worsley, PhillCo
Paul Tuss, Bear Paw Development Corp.
Robyn Madison, Sen. Tester
Rodney Miller, Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux Tribes
Roger Fleming, Northfork
Russ Fletcher, MATR
Sara Hudson, Snowy Mtn Development
Sarah Calhoun, Red Ants Pants
Sarah Mckinney, Havre
Scott Eychner, MT DLI
Shanny Spang Gion, SMART
Soren Chargois, Grow Great Falls
Tara Mastel, MSU
Tina Oliphant, KRDC
Tori Matejovsky, GNDC



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