Value Added Agriculture

Purpose: (draft) 

To identify and support key legislative activities pending and build a network to exchange value added ag news and information. 

Situation Paper

Chair:  Paddy Fleming, MMEC

Next meeting:  October 1st, 3:00pm

Notes from September 23rd Meeting

Tami Burke, FADC/GNDC
Sarah Converse, Sweetgrass Development
Brett Doney, Great Falls Development Authority
Courtney Edwards, Headwaters RC&D
Erin Farris-Olsen, Heart of the Rockies
Heather HandeLand, USDA/RD Missoula
Davey Madison, MCDC
Dale Mahugh, NorthWestern Energy
Abigail Majerus, FDI for MWTC
Tori Matejovsky, GNDC
Rodney Miller, Fort Pect Tribes
Michael Peter, FADC Director, Bear Paw Development
Eric Seidensticker, Jefferston Local Development


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Montana Ranked #4

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